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Unique Specialty Electrodeposition Coatings

Some fields cannot tolerate even a small amount of dust. At Shimizu's Kano Techno Division, we have established specialty electrodeposition coatings for product processing in our Class 10000 Clean Room for even these fields, and we gladly take orders for trials and small batches.

*If you need large-scale processing using a production line, we can offer excellent processing with our proven, standard Elecoat Process.
  • Clean Room

    Clean Room

    We process products in our Class 10000 Clean Room.
  • Laboratory


    We do trial manufacturing together with our customers.
  • Research and Development Lab

    Research and Development Lab

    We develop new types of coatings.
  • High Frequency Plasma Analysis Device

    High Frequency Plasma Analysis Device

    We measure environmental management quality.

Measures Against Debris and Dust

Measures Against Debris and Dust

Elecoat Process (electrodeposition coating)

Our process keeps the multitude of debris and dust in the atmosphere away because we coat your products while washing with water. This process is effective for fields where even the smallest amount of dust is not tolerated.