Measurement Laboratory Accreditation

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Measurement Laboratory Accreditation

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Information About Measurement Laboratory Accreditation

At Shimizu, we actively research industrial waste, an environmental issue that cannot be ignored. In 1970, we established an Environment and Engineering Division as a research division for analysis and management of waste water. We have received accreditation as a measurement laboratory and work environment measurement agency from Osaka Prefecture, so you can use our products without concern. We are also involved in consulting with our clients regarding analysis of RoHS controlled substances, management of waste water, waste water equipment, etc.

Specified Measurement Laboratory Accreditation No. 10041

Main Measurements and Analyses

Air Atmospheric measurements, measures of heavy metals, hazardous mist, organic solvents, etc., in exhaust gas
Water quality Industrial wastewater, river water, sewage, etc. (living environment items, health items, monitored substances), and analysis of water quality of other general sources of water
Industrial waste Sludge, dust, slime, etc. (analysis related to disposal of waste in land fills and oceans)
Soil Analysis of soil and sediment
Working environment measurements Fine particles, organic solvents, specified chemical substances, metals
Analysis of RoHS controlled substances Heavy metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium), brominated flame retardants (PBB, PBDE)

Main Measurements (Water Quality Analysis)

Hazardous substances (health items) Living environment items
Cadmium Hydrogen ion concentration (pH)
Total cyanide Suspended matter (SS)
Lead N‐hexane extract
Hexavalent chromium COD
Arsenic BOD
Total mercury Manganese (solubility)
Trichloroethylene Iron (solubility)
Tetrachloroethylene Zinc
Dichloromethane Copper
Carbon tetrachloride Total chromium
1,2-dichloroethane Nickel
1,1-dichloroethylene Total nitrogen
Cis-1,2-dichloroethylene Total phosphorus
1,1,1-dichloroethane Nitrate nitrogen
1,1,2-dichloroethane Nitrite nitrogen
Benzene Iodine consumption
Selenium Phenol

Items for Measurements of Working Environments

Fine particles Organic solvents
Cadmium and other compounds Toluene
Chromic acid and other salts Xylene
Potassium cyanide Ethyl acetates
Hydrogen cyanide Butyl acetates
Sodium cyanide Dichloromethane
Hydrogen fluoride Trichloroethylene
Lead and other compounds Ethylene oxide

Items for Analysis of RoHS Controlled Substances

Total chromium
Hexavalent chromium Absorption spectrophotometry
We analyze materials and parts with microwaves, etc., and with ICP analysis.