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Electrodeposition Products

The Elecoat Process and Related Products

The Elecoat Process is a unique electrodeposition coating process as it is, but through combining it without surface treatment technologies, the process is suitable for an even wider range of applications. Through combining Elecoat with chemical polishing, plating, printing technologies, etc., we can create many colorful variations: glossy coatings, dual color electrodeposition, etc. With our electrodeposition coating methods as a base, and assembling peripheral treatment chemicals and management devices, we will meet all of our customers' needs and desires.
Chemical Polishing

Chemical polishing agents


Elecoat activator

for steel
for copper alloy
for aluminum

Activation agents

Activation acids Neutral oxide film removal agents
Electrolytic Polishing

Electrolytic polishing agents

(for stainless steel)

Masking ink

New Resist Ink E
Paint Remover

No-Crawl Series

Y3A (Acidic type)
A (Alkali type)
W (Neutral type)
Water Mark and Stain Prevention

Electrodeposition water removal agent

SS-3 Conc
Mask Separation

Resist Remover

Solution type
Top Coat

Top Guard Clear

Baked type (at 170°)
Baked type (at 80°)
Chemical Conversion Coating

Chemical conversion
coating for aluminum

AL Mate

Chemical conversion
coating for magnesium

MZ Mate

Corrosion resistance
treatment for plating

Chromium-free ACR

Ni plating additive

High nickel series
Luster series

Various alloy plating solutions

Nobloy SNC
Pure white
White metal A
Cohesion Assistance

Elecoat connector

Trivalent chromium type
Chromium-free type

High floc series

Polymer flocculants
Resin emulsion sediment
Drainage treatment solution