Environmental Initiatives

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Environmental Initiatives

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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Philosophy

Shimizu Co. contributes to the development of an environmentally-friendly society as a means of corporate social responsibility by always adopting social demands. We also provide technology and products that contribute to the environment, aiming for harmony between business operations and the environment.

Environmental Policies

Our business operations deal with development, production, and sales of surface treatment chemicals (plating chemicals, electrodeposition coatings, etc.) and they go hand in hand with environmental problems. We always follow our policies, while keeping with the idea of making the domestic market more global.

  1. To respect the environment through following regulations, laws, customers' environmental demands, and other requirements.
  2. To promote the continuous improvement of environmental management systems, and prevent contamination.
  3. To reduce our effect on the environment from business operations, in addition to considering technological and economical conditions. We actively pursue the following
    1. Promoting the saving of resources and energy
    2. Promoting recycling, and reducing environmental control substances and waste
    3. Providing products that reduce the environmental burden to customers
  4. In order to execute these policies, we establish, put into practice, regularly evaluate, and reconsider concrete objectives and goals.
  5. In documenting these policies, we are declaring that all management, employees, and subcontractors understand these policies and that we will enforcement these policies to the best of our ability. We also ask that our clients understand and cooperate with these policies.
  6. We will promptly supply these policies in the event that they are requested from outside the company.

November 1,2008
President Osamu Shimizu