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The most process for Nickel allergy was used cyanide before.
This Copper-Tin alloy process is not used cyanide and the process of the neutral of the nickel substitution plating.

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  • Neutral tin - Copper alloy plating does not use the cyanide
  • Obtained a glossy white plating exterior
  • Compatible Nickel allergy
  • Excellent corrosion resistance more than glossy nickel
  • Non magnetic plating
  • Can be plating thick (about 5 microns)
  • Application

    • Fashion accessory such as Button, hook etc.
    • Decoration such as Accessories etc.
  • Working condition

    • Temperature: 30℃, 86°F (28-32℃, 82.5-89.6°F)
    • pH: 8.3 (8.0-8.5)
    • Current density: 1.5A/dm2 (1-2A/dm2)
    • Anode: Carbon plate *Anode: cathode = 2+:1
    • Plating speed: Approx. 1 microns/5 min *1A/dm2
    • Mixing: Gentle liquid circulation filtration
    • Plating tank: PVC, PE, FRP