Elecoat UC-4H UV High Hardness Electrodeposition Coating

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鉛筆硬度4H エレコート UV硬化型高硬度電着塗料




Evaluation conditions: Ni plating substrate, 10μm (no chromate)
Evaluation item: Coating
(Irradiance level)
This product
Our conventional
Method of
Pencil hardness (scratches) 4H H- JIS K 5400
Adhesion 100/100(9) 100/100(5) JIS K 5400
Alkali resistance 96Hr 24Hr 5% NaOH solution,
25℃ (75°F)
Acid resistance 500Hr 96Hr 5% H2SO4 solution,
25℃ (75°F)
Resistance to hot water 4Hr 4Hr Hot water (70℃, 160°F),
Salt Spray Test (Ni) 360Hr 48Hr JIS H 8617
(brass) 96Hr 48Hr
CASS Test (Ni) 168Hr 72Hr JIS H 8617
(brass) 72Hr 24Hr
Alcohol resistance 50times 40times 500g load
RCA 200ttimes 10times 175g load
Red indicates improved functioning compared to conventional product (UC-2000)